4 July 2009

Keith Ridgway, Horses, 1997

This novella first appeared in the anthology First Fictions 13, though following on from the acclaim for his first full length novel, The Long Falling, it then gained its own edition. Set in Ireland, it’s a story of arson, attempted murder, grief, revenge and death, all set on a dark and stormy night somewhere south of Dublin, and it has atmosphere in spades. Ridgway is also strong on writing about motive for his characters, though those motives are often hidden even to the characters themselves, such are the impulsive behaviours that combine to make an unpredictable story of small tragedies writ large: while some are letting their worst sides show, others are trying to hold it all together. The ending is all there, but left in pieces for the reader to assemble. A taut and well written story, one that draws you in and holds your attention completely.  PY


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